Winter Blues? Let The Lock Up Help


When the mercury plunges, it’s not uncommon for daydreams about getting out of town to arise. The winter months can prove to be interminably long while longing for sunshine and warmth. When it gets so cold your breath could almost break, a cross country trip in an RV to warmer climes doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, that’s not totally out of the question if you’re truly  considering it but are holding back simply because you have nowhere to keep your RV when you’re not on the road. The Lock Up Self Storage may just be able to help.

Several Lock Up locations have parking spaces available for lease and some even have, you guessed it, parking spaces large enough for an RV. Alright, so maybe you can’t take the month long trip along Route 66 to sunny California…yet. But, what better time to get a great deal on an RV than during winter when RV sales are most certainly on the decline? If you can find a deal on an RV now, you can store it at The Lock Up and use it for impromptu long weekend getaways. Then, whenever you find yourself at a point where you and your significant other can both take off work and the kids are out of school, you can take off at a moment’s notice. No booking expensive flights because you want to leave in under two weeks, just pack up some good food, fill her up, hit the wide open road and drive off into the sunset.

OK, it may be a pipe dream that you may or may not ever act upon, but The Lock Up Self Storage will be there for you either way, with parking spaces, drive in storage units, climate controlled storage units and so much more.

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle so larger than your garage, call The Lock Up at 866-327-LOCK to find out about renting a parking space.


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