Spotlight on The Lock Up Chicago-Belmont/Cragin


The Lock Up Self Storage: Chicago – Belmont/Cragin, Illinois
3366 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 539-3366

Chicago is my kind of town. The Second City is full of friendly Midwesterners who love to work hard, play hard and accumulate “stuff.” Sports stuff, food stuff, car stuff, boat stuff, bike stuff, kids’ stuff, winter stuff, summer stuff – we’ve got it all.

But Chicago is an old town, and many Chicagoans live in old buildings and bungalows that were built way back when people were a lot smaller and had much less. So we often don’t have room to store all of our “stuff.”

Luckily, The Lock Up offers several Chicago-area self storage centers. The Belmont/Cragin location serves north side neighborhoods such as Avondale, Logan Square, Albany Park and Irving Park. Located on Kedzie Ave. close to the Kennedy Expressway, The Lock Up Belmont/Cragin is easy to get to, so we can store all of our boats, bikes, grills, snowboards, golf clubs, kiddie pools, bowling gear, and even that kitchen sink.

Now you can save 50% on 3 months of storage in Chicago. Call (773) 539-3366 for more information about available storage units.


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