How The Lock Up Streamlines Self Storage

How the Lock Up Streamlines Self Storage

You have plenty to worry about on a day to day basis. We at The Lock Up understand. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make sure that we offer solutions that make your day to day less stressful. Whether you’re looking to declutter and are in need of a self storage unit, or you’re already well acquainted with the benefits of having one (or more) self storage units, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the benefits of having The Lock Up Self Storage as a tool in your arsenal of ways to tackle and win the game of life.

  • Easy to access
    Each of our facilities are placed strategically so that you can easily access them while out and about. Most are situated just off of a main drag and have parking available. There’s no need to “trek” out to your self storage unit, we bring them to you.
  • Convenient access hours
    While the main offices are open 9-5pm most days, we make sure that you can access your storage unit from 6am until 9pm because we know you have things to do during regular working hours.
  • Helpful staff
    Our offices are staffed with people who know their storage stuff. Not only will they be able to provide guidance for storage needs, but they know about moving things too. They are a wealth of knowledge and eager to help.
  • Free Move In Truck
    Most locations offer a free move in truck for each new lease. This takes the need to rent a truck off your to do list when moving into a new self storage unit. And when you arrive, whether you’re using our truck or one of your own, all facilities have sturdy hand carts available to haul your belongings to your unit.
  • Online Leasing
    Need a self storage unit now? No need to take precious time out of your day to drive to the facility, just log onto our website, You can pick the size unit you want, set up an account and secure your storage unit online!
  • Mobile App
    Our mobile app allows you to manage your bills, pay them, and make account updates. But we’ve gone a step further in making your self storage experience top notch. You can also make notes and take photos with the app so that you can log what each unit has inside. This is a real timesaver!

Be sure to visit today to find the perfect self storage solution for your needs.