7 Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy Shop

7 Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy Shop

In the past decade, Internet sites have changed the way our daily lives operate. Facebook has taken over a multitude of our daily social interactions. Snapchat transformed how we share our lives with friends and families. Amazon allows us to complete almost all of our day-to-day shopping needs from the comfort of our own home. And Etsy provides an ecommerce platform for DIY crafters to reach customers around the globe, without ever having to leave their home.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner, you understand how much work goes into your custom signs, 7 Ways A Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy Shopclothes, or jewelry. It’s a full-time job, contrary to what people may believe. Once you start getting more customers, your supplies, workstations, and storage needs begin to skyrocket. It can be difficult to continue to work out of your home, especially if you have a family and/or pets. Partners get irritated at the declining amount of personal space, children misinterpret your inventory for toys, and animals simply don’t understand the concept of personal space.

Renting a self storage unit is the perfect way to combat the problems you encounter when running your Etsy shop out of your home. In fact, it even provides advantages that your home can’t. Keep reading to find out all of the ways that a storage unit can benefit your Etsy shop.

  1. Fosters Growth

One of the most important ways self storage units benefit Etsy shops is by fostering growth. When you’re working with a space that allows you to store more inventory and work more efficiently, you naturally over compensate to keep up with your demands. Eliminate any limitations you create for yourself by having an ample amount of space to work.

While you might not need the extra space immediately, after your Etsy shop takes off, you’ll start to receive a higher demand for products and therefore, more materials. Rather than storing all of these in your home, rent out a small storage unit like the ones at The Lock Up Self Storage. Having the added space allows you to actually have room to spread out your inventory and assemble projects for your customers. Think of it as a mini office building that you can make completely yours.

While just having the space available won’t cause your business to grow, it will allow you to reach your potential. Once you’ve outgrown your smaller storage unit, opt for a larger one in the same building so you can continue to grow without all of the extra hassle of moving long distances. Who knows, eventually you may even be able to open your own storefront!

  1. Increases Organization

Everyone knows how much better things run when they’re organized. Whether it’s your inventory, workspace, or creative corner, it helps to have everything in its place. Not only does this increase your efficiency during work, but it allows you to have a consistent idea of what you’re running low on, what orders need to go out, and what inventory needs to be finished.

7 Ways A Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy ShopWhen you have the space of a storage unit, you can increase your inner organizational guru without worrying about your family getting things out of place (or invading your family’s personal space). Plus, having an organized space does wonders for your emotional and mental health, especially for entrepreneurs running their own business.

A self storage unit helps keep your life organized by keeping your work life and your home life completely separate. This is a huge productivity booster, and determinant of overall happiness, so take advantage of it.

  1. Decreases Wholesale Costs

If you run your Etsy shop from your home, chances are you will have some sort of limitation on space. When you’re working in smaller, more cramped areas, you’ll avoid purchasing your materials in bulk to spare your family the crowded hallways and obscene obstacle courses. However, as most Etsy shop owners know, buying in bulk saves you hundreds of dollars. The bigger your order, the lower the per-unit cost tends to be.

With the added space a self storage unit gives you, you’ll be able to buy all of your materials in bulk and save hundreds of dollars on your cost of materials. That means larger profit margins and more money into your wallet! Order your heart’s desire and when your shipment comes in, neatly put it in its place so you can stay on track with your organizational habits.

  1. Creates a Designated Photo Studio

When you’re setting up your self storage unit and organizing all of your materials, consider 7 Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy Shopcreating a designated photo corner. Take the time to make it professional and give it a personal, yet creative touch. Having a storage unit means that you won’t need to continually construct and deconstruct this part of your business. When you run your Etsy shop from your home, this is much more difficult since you probably don’t want to leave expensive equipment out when there are pets and children running around all day.

  1. Provides a Meet up Space

While most Etsy shop owners won’t meet their customers in person, some offer convenient pick-ups or in-person customizable products. A self storage unit gives you the perfect meet up space for these to occur. Again, it keeps your business and personal life separate and allows your customers to see the creative space you use to brainstorm and create all of their favorite products.

Having a designated meet up space gives off a much more professional vibe than having people coming in and out of your home throughout the week. Start doing this and you’re sure to get a great reputation amongst buyers in no time.

  1. Protects Your Assets

7 Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Etsy ShopLike we’ve mentioned numerous times in this post, having your business mixed with your family can spell disaster. While we’re sure that your partner will respect your in-home shop, there are no guarantees with children and pets. Mix the chaos of family life with a cluttered workroom and you will be running for the hills in no time. Believe us, you never want to tell your customer that their order is delayed because your dog decided their product was a better toy than the 100 that they already have

To keep your materials and inventory out of harm’s way, rent a self storage unit. Not only will they protect you from your own family, but it is also a great way to keep things safe in case of theft. If you work at home and have local buyers, you’ll need to give out your home address. Most of us don’t feel safe doing this, and for good reason. Home theft is serious and very traumatic. Avoid taking any chances with a self storage unit.

Self storage units, like the ones at The Lock Up, are protected with 24 hour video monitoring, perimeter alarms, and individual locks for each unit. It’s the perfect amount of added security you need for your business, with the affordability you want.

In addition to increased security, the climate controlled self storage units will help protect your inventory from the humidity, blazing heat, and frigid winters.

  1. It’s a One Stop Shop

Finally, a self storage unit will benefit your Etsy shop because it creates a one stop shop for everything you need to do in order to run your business with ease. Gone are the days of running around picking up shipments, purchasing materials, creatively mastering each order, and shipping your finished products from different locations. With a self storage unit, you can do all of this and more, all from the comfort of one location.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner and you’re ready to take the plunge into finding your very own self storage unit, look no further than The Lock Up Self Storage. We have everything you need to get you set up and take your Etsy shop to the next level. All of our self storage units are secure, affordable, and climate controlled so you can rest easy knowing that your inventory is safe and sound. We have a wide range of sizes for your business needs and won’t make you sign unreasonably long contracts. We’re here to help you grow and as you do, you can always upgrade to a larger unit. Don’t wait to take the leap, your future successful entrepreneur self will thank you. Call us or visit our website today at www.thelockup.com to browse our available selections or come by any of our locations to see for yourself why The Lock Up Self Storage is the perfect place for your Etsy shop.