5 Steps To Organize Your Craft Room Like a Pro

5 Steps To Organize Your Craft Room Like a Pro

Ever since we were young, we created things. It offered hours of entertainment and a finishing sense of pride that was incomparable. As we grew up, we didn’t loose this sense of creation. Instead, it shifted from finger painting and elementary science experiments to DIY projects and crafting.

As adults, these types of things offer a creative outlook that connects us to that feeling when we were younger. They also allow us to construct budget friendly, personalized items and products using our inner web of creativity. Inspiring Pinterest boards and successful Etsy entrepreneurs make us want to bust out our craft supplies and get started on our next project or gift, but it’s not that easy.

Serious crafters understand that the accumulation of materials, supplies, and tools/instruments is no joke. You need a lot more than you think to create all of those awesome items you find online and once you start, it’s a hobby that’s hard to stop!

If you want to get serious about crafting, or already are, take a look at our 5 essential steps to help you organize your craft room like a pro.

  1. Take Inventory

Your first step on your journey to extreme organization is to take inventory of everything you already have, or are planning on buying. This part is either completely daunting (if you already have everything) or extremely exciting (if you’re just starting out). Regardless of where you are, it’s important!

If you’re just starting out, keep a detailed list of everything you’re purchasing. Organize it into categories and start making a mental note of how you’ll want to set up your craft room.

If you already have a plethora of supplies strewn about in no particular order, set apart a 5 Steps To Organize Your Craft Room Like a Pro solid chuck of time for this. Go through all of the things that you have and write down every single one of them. No need to count individual threads, but the more detailed you are with your items, the better. After you create the initial list, try and group them into specific categories (i.e., paper, tools, sewing, paint, etc.). Doing this will help you efficiently plan how you want to arrange your workspaces and supply storage.

If you find that you have an overflowing amount of one item, put it in a box and label it as extra. You can keep any overflow in a nearby self storage unit, like the ones at The Lock Up Self Storage, for a more serene craft room.

  1. Install Some Creative Storage

If you don’t already have ample shelving and/or creative storage in your craft room, now is the time to install it. You can get some inexpensive Ikea furniture, or even bookshelves from Walmart or Target, and line the walls with them.If you want to get serious about crafting, or already are, take a look at our 5 essential steps to help you organize your craft room like a pro.Cabinetry will be your savior when it comes to maximize storage space while still maintaining an optimal amount of open spaces. Line the walls with shelves, bookshelves, cabinets, hangers, and anything else you think will come in handy. Do this strategically based on which area will transform into which workspace for the most efficient results.

Another great idea you can implement is creating your own pegboard above a desk. This is a great open-concept storage idea that keeps things accessible and easy to find. Not to mention you can DIY! Anything you make yourself will be a great addition to your craft room since it encompasses the essence of crafting entirely.

If you don’t have a craft room in place already, find a room in your home that doesn’t get much use and transform it. If you simply don’t have any extra space, consider renting a self storage unit and turning it into your own personal craft heaven. Not only will it give you ample creative space, it’ll also allow you to separate your hobby/business time from family time.

  1. Give Your Room a Makeover

The next step is to give your craft room a makeover using your newly installed creative storage spaces. Use your visualized map and begin making it come alive throughout your craft room.

Start by clearing out everything that you have in an organized manner. If you have a ton of stuff and don’t want to move it all to another room, start by clearing out just one of your newly dedicated workspaces. Use your pre-planned floor plan and tackle one space at a time. Maybe you have one corner for sewing, one for wrapping, one for painting, one for scrapbooking, etc…. the opportunities are endless and all depend on what you will be making in your craft room.

Work through each section and put your supplies near those areas. After you’ve sorted everything out, but not put anything away, you’re ready for some serious organizing.

  1. Organize by Color

It’s hard to deny that things sorted by color are more pleasurable to look at. It gives youIf you want to get serious about crafting, or already are, take a look at our 5 essential steps to help you organize your craft room like a pro. an elated feeling and is a great way to keep things organized from the beginning. If you missed out on this opportunity when you first created your craft room, now is the time for redemption.

Organize each workstation’s items by color to make things visually appealing and extremely easy to find.


  1. Keep Things Accessible

 5 Steps To Organize Your Craft Room Like a ProFinally, it’s time to put everything into place. When you’re doing this, add smaller containers, jars, and miscellaneous holders to your installed creative storage areas for an even more optimal organized room. Consider the following tips and tricks that all the professionals swear by:


Magazine Holders

Use magazine holders to store your paper upright and separated by color. Not only will this keep everything in pristine condition, it will add a decorative touch to your bookshelves that will be hard to ignore.


 5 Steps To Organize Your Craft Room Like a ProMason jars, old baby food jars, any kind of jars. They are perfect for storing things like buttons, needles, pins, twine, or anything that’s easily lost in the clutter. One of our favorite things about jars is that since they’re transparent, you’ll save time opening and closing drawers trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. For the most effective use of jars, install a magnetic strip on the underside of some of your shelves and store things there. This is a great space saver for those who need every last bit of open space for working.

Kitchen Islands

Whether you already have one, or not, consider repurposing an old kitchen island for the center of your craft room. They have a ton of added storage benefits and can double as a workstation for larger projects. You can even create your own makeshift kitchen island using common items.

Creative Placements

So you have all of these shelves and bookshelves lining your room, but how will you keep everything displayed? Try mirroring the way that things are set up at professional craft or hobby stores. Keep things nicely faced out and easy to access at all times. If not, you’ll likely forget and will end up never using it (or buying more if you need it for a project!).

Transform old spool racks into ribbon holders and create the perfect yarn storage using repurposed wine racks. Get some inspiration here and use it to create your own personalized space.

Utilize Door Space

Door space is often unused and forgotten about, but has a ton of untapped potential. Create a wrapping center on the back of your door and hang up your wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, labels, and tap for easy to access, out of the way, convenience.

Label Everything

If you want to get serious about crafting, or already are, take a look at our 5 essential steps to help you organize your craft room like a pro.If you are storing things in boxes or other containers that aren’t transparent, make sure to put a label on everything. This will keep you organized and you’ll be able to find anything and everything quickly and without stress. If you use drawers, label each drawer for specific purposes and try to keep as many like things together as you can.

At the end of the day, regardless of how much you dream of transforming a room in your home into the ultimate craft room, it might not be realistic. If you just don’t seem to have the space for everything you want in your dream craft room, consider renting out a self storage unit. With ample, untouched space, they make the perfect alternatives to a professional in-home craft room. You can find a multitude of different sizes for any and all of your personalized needs. Check out the options at The Lock Up Self Storage for safe, affordable, and secure storage units today. All of our units are climate controlled and have 24/7 video monitoring to keep you, and your crafting supplies, secure. Call us or visit our website today at www.thelockup.com to browse all of our available selections. We have something for everyone, regardless of your budget.