First-Time Users Guide to Self Storage


Is storage space becoming an issue for you, your family or your business? Have you considered taking advantage of a self storage facility? If you’ve never used a self-storage unit before, here are a few basics you should consider and a few tips to get you started.

What are the advantages of using a self storage facility?

  • Frees up space and reduces clutter in your home or office.
  • Safely stores rarely used or seasonal items.
  • Provides a safe and secure offsite location in case anything happens to your home or office.
  • Offers temperature-regulated and climate-controlled options to protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity they might face in your garage or basement.

Where should I store my items?

There are plenty of self-storage facilities out there. Of course you should check out a few to compare pricing and security features, but one other very important factor to consider is location. That facility out in the boonies might have low rates, but you’ll make up for that savings in time and fuel getting to and from the facility.

Choose a location that’s convenient and easy to get to, whether it’s near your house or on your way home from the office.

What size do I need?

Think about what items you’ll be storing in your unit, then check out this storage unit size guide to determine the right size. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you utilize your vertical space by storing items upright and using shelves. Remember to allow yourself a little wiggle room to navigate through your storage space to stock and pull items.

What’s the best way to organize the storage unit?

  • Again, utilize your vertical space.
  • Use shelves and bins to keep everything organized and easily identifiable.
  • Check out some of these storage products.
  • Label everything! Believe me, you will not remember what is in that unmarked cardboard box next year. It’s also helpful to keep an inventory of everything you have in your storage facility. You can check your inventory list before you tear up the house looking for that Christmas tree.
  • Store more frequently-needed items near the front of the unit.

How do I get my items to and from the storage unit?

Check to see if your storage facility offers a free move-in truck. Many facilities also have hand trucks and dollies to help get your items in and out with ease.

What other questions do you have about using a self-storage facility for the first time? Ask here…


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