Life Hacks for Organizing The Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the places in the house that gets the most use. That means that it has the potential for being the messiest zone of a house too. Some quick life hacks can cut down on the kitchen chaos and make it a little more pleasurable to hang out in the heart of your home. Here are four key hacks to cut down on the chaos.

  • Contain your containers. Plastic containers are great for storing leftovers, but they are a major source of mess in your cabinets. It’s easy to stack the containers inside one another, but the big question is what to do with the lids. Here’s a great fix: use that old CD rack. Now that all music has gone digital, CDs are a relic of the past. Place your old rack in the cabinet with your plastic containers and you’ve got a handy sorting tool for the lids.
  • Another cabinet that could benefit from a life hack is the one underneath the kitchen sink. Mount a curtain rod across the top of the cabinet and voila! You’ve got a place to hook the spray handle of all your cleaning products. This way they’re all lined up and ready to use…no digging around anymore.
  • If you’ve got the space, odds are that you have a couple of extra kitchen countertop appliances hanging around. Blenders, rice cookers, and food processors all have unwieldy cords. Tame them by affixing some Velcro to the end of the cord and to the appliance. This way you can wrap the cord around the appliance and securing it. It’s also a great way to keep loose cords with their respective appliance.
  • Plastic wrap and tinfoil containers are necessary in the kitchen, but where do you keep them? Drawer? Cabinet? When they’re put away, they’re difficult to get to when you need them. Here’s a great life hack: get some cheap plastic hooks that attach to the wall. Attach them in such a way so that you can place the hook parts into the ends of the boxes (there’s usually a spot on the ends of the boxes that you’re supposed to push in so that the roll stays in place). This makes the plastic wrap or tinfoil easily accessible – a great perk when your hands are covered in the raw chicken that you want to wrap up!

Have another great kitchen life hack? Share it with us here!


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