Make Room For Baby

Baby room

Baby roomAre you expecting? If so, you may already be in the nesting phase, or close to it. And as we all know, that means cleaning out your home to make room for baby. Well, we at The Lock Up know a thing or two about storing things and we wanted to share some storage life hacks that could help as your family grows.

Of course, the first thing we suggest is to secure a climate controlled self storage unit. This is a great place to place all the the items from the room that will soon become baby’s room. But, it’s also the perfect place to store all of the hand-me-downs that friends and family will inevitably bestow upon you. You certainly won’t need any 6-9month old clothes for, well…6-9 months. Same goes for toys that your baby will need to grow into. Instead of being overwhelmed with the arrival of your baby while trying to deal with all the clutter that comes with the territory, use a self storage unit to keep goodies nearby for when you need them.

Now for some handy life hacks for your home that will make more room for you and baby.

  • Hidden storage
    An underutilized space for storage can be found underneath beds and baby’s crib. There are plastic storage bins designed for this exact reason; long, low and flat, these bins are a great place to store extra diapers and baby supplies that you don’t want cluttering up your living area.
  • Creative changing tables
    If you have the room for a dedicated changing table, that’s great! But many new families find themselves with limited space and need creative solutions for their changing tables. We have two ideas for those families. One, use a dresser and retrofit the top to serve as a changing table. You’ll gain storage and solve your problem! The other is to look into a foldaway changing table…imagine a mini Murphy bed that flips down from the wall. This is a huge space saver when space is limited.
  • Wrangle toys
    A toy hammock that attaches to the walls in a corner is a great way to collect toys while preserving precious floor space. Plus the hammocks are a cute decoration of all the plush, adorable stuffed animals!
  • Picture frame shelves
    Buy a selection of the long, narrow shelved intended to display pictures and picture frames. When mounted on the wall, they are a great way to store, as well as display, all of the books you will read to baby as they drift off to sweet slumber. Plus, they are much more space conserving than a bookshelf.
  • Bike mount
    A stroller can take up a lot of room. Many people recommend purchasing a stroller that has the ability to fold up, but even then, you need to have somewhere on the floor to lean it. Instead, install a bike mount or a large hook intended for heavy items and place your folded up stroller onto it. This will free up floor space and keep your stroller handy.

Do you have a suggestion on how to make more room for baby? Share it with us here!

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