The Lock Up: Home Base for Pharmaceutical Salespeople


The Lock Up Self Storage caters to all types of business’ needs. But there’s a specific business that really benefits from the special amenities available at The Lock Up, and that is the pharmaceutical sales business. The Lock Up has all the right elements required in a storage facility when it comes to the pharmaceutical salesperson’s needs.

“The product that I carry has to be maintained, has to be stored in a well temperature controlled, clean, safe environment; and the Lock Up provides that,” says Amy, a pharmaceutical salesperson and Lock Up client. “Not to mention, they’re really, really convenient.”

Climate controlled and carpeted units provide the perfect environment for the storage of pharmaceuticals. Amenities such as drive in loading bays, hand carts, dollies, large elevators and keypad entry, make it simple to both load in and load out the necessary samples for pharmaceutical salespeople. Lock Up facilities are located near major thoroughfares in big cities and have convenient access hours. And with 24 hour video monitoring in the facilities, salespeople can rest assured that their product is protected day and night.

Another big perk about storing pharmaceutical samples and products at The Lock Up is the top notch customer service that salespeople receive. The Lock Up managers and staff go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring that their customers’ needs are met.

“From the get go they really understood the business that I was in,” explains Amy. When another customer was moving out of their unit and had left some extra storage shelves, the managers at The Lock Up facility in Northfield, Illinois thought to ask Amy if she could use them. “Vic and Carlos…they kind of thought outside the box, like ‘Do you need these? We understand the business you’re in, these would be really great.’ And I was really just pleasantly surprised by that,” she said. “I mean they really understood the business I was in and what I needed as a customer. And that’s what sold me.”

When it comes to your pharmaceutical sales business, don’t trust anyone but The Lock Up Self Storage with your valuable products.

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