Travel Tips for the Holidays


The holidays are a time for visiting family and friends. Pile travel on top of holiday parties and needing to buy gifts and you’ve got a recipe for major holiday stress. No need to fret though, with a little preparation, your holiday travels will be smooth sailing and you’ll be ready to enjoy all the holiday cheer thrown your way.

In the days ahead of your travel date, begin compiling a list of what you want to bring as you think of them. This way, when you actually begin packing, there will be little thought needed. Just gather what you’ve written down on your list and you’ll be good to go. It’s also a good idea to call ahead to see what your hosts have on hand so that you don’t have to pack unnecessary items. Things like hair dryers and irons are not only bulky, but they’re heavy too and with airline weight limits on luggage, they’re better left at home if your host has them available for you.

Treat your carry on like your lifeline. Pack all of your most important items in it that you cannot live without. Nothing is worse than having your luggage get lost and not having important charging cords. Be sure to pack your medications in your carry on too…sometimes it’s near to impossible to contact a doctor’s office over the holidays.

When you pull your luggage out of storage, throw a couple of dryer sheets inside to make sure that your clothes will arrive at your destination smelling fresh. If you’re traveling with others, split your clothes up between the pieces of luggage. This way, if one bag doesn’t arrive at your destination, you’ll still have some clothes. And be sure to bring some extra plastic bags. These are always good to have for toiletries that happen to burst open or for your dirty laundry.

Don’t wrap your gifts before you travel. Going through security or customs may require that you unwrap your handiwork anyway. If you’re particularly partial to the wrapping paper you bought, bring it along and wrap your gifts once you arrive.

But most importantly, keep a good attitude with you…it’s by far the best travel insurance you can have.

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