How to Store: Art and Antiques


For a piece of art, valuable antique or treasured heirloom to maintain its value, great care must be used when storing. It cannot simply just be shoved in a cardboard, sealed and forgotten. Instead, extra precautions must be taken in order to preserve value and protect the investment. The following suggestions will help you learn how to store antiques, art and other valuables and preserve them for the future.

Selecting an Antique and Art Storage Unit

  • Climate Control – When storing antiques and other valuables, look for a storage facility that offers climate control self storage units. This is essential in protecting against corrosion, cracking, yellowing and warping.
  • Access – The simple act of transferring your art or antiques to the self-storage unit can cause damage. To limit the chances of an accident, look for a unit that offers ground floor or drive up access. Elevators and lifts can also minimize risk.
  • Insurance – It never pays to take a risk. Remember, if it is worth storing it is worth insuring. At the Lock Up, we require all tenants to be insured, and we offer a Protection Plan to cover these stored items.

Antique Storage Facility Dos and Don’ts

When Packing Antiques Do:

  • Use bubble wrap, thick blankets and felt to wrap any and all breakables
  • Purchase cardboard corners to protect antique frames and mirrors
  • Cover chair legs and table rails with bubble wrap
  • Disassemble headboards and dresser mirrors
  • Wipe metal objects and tools with a rust proof oil before storing.
  • Wrap lampshades separately from the base of the lamp
  • Treat leather with a quality leather conditioner

When Packing Antiques Don’t:

  • Don’t: Store frames and artwork flat, as they can collapse under the added weight
  • Don’t: Stack antique furniture or other valuables, instead leave them free standing
  • Don’t: Let adhesive tape come directly in contact with antiques. Plastic wrap makes a great substitute.
  • Don’t: Leave antique furniture and other upholstered items uncovered and exposed.

In the end, one of the best tips is to keep an accurate inventory of every item you place within the self-storage unit. By knowing the state, whereabouts and conditions of each item, you can better, more accurately, care for your investments.

Read more storage tips from The Lock Up. If you’re ready to store antique furniture, art, or other valuables, look for a Lock Up self storage facility near you. We offer climate controlled, secure self storage units and more.


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